Pissaladiéres anyone?

Hello everyone out there!


I disappeared for a little while, but I am back to tell you the tale.

I had been looking for work for a little while with little success, when along came an opportunity which I would have never thought of. I am now an apprentice chef, while some may say why, the pay is minimal and the work is rough, I believe it is an opportunity to get to were I want to while learning and enjoying something new.

I have always loved cooking and celebrating with food, I have put myself through days of planning and preparing and cooking to create the perfect event or party. So in a way I know I love cooking but just never thought of it as a job for myself. However, here I am today an apprentice chef looking forward to using my new skills and learning many more to achieve my goals and dreams.

So follow on to see yummy treats and delicious ideas for your next celebration.