Old book pages

I have a few old teapots and tea sets as well as tableware and material, those precious bits and pieces that didn’t quite have a place to go, and that are too big to have on shelves and in cupboards, I needed to find them a home. So I bought this huge and cheap chest to store it all in. The two things that were important to me when looking for a chest, was that it was big (check) and cheap (check), I don’t care too much as to how it looked, but I did’t mind the union jack for the time being.


Well the union jack didn’t last all that long before I was dreaming up ideas on how to cover it up. Firstly painting it white always helps, but with the very prominent brown boarder it was to much contrast. It was also a bit to big to do a fancy drawing or painting on, and that would probably take me forever, and I couldn’t settle on anything in particular. So a thought a simple way of changing it would be to cover it up, and so I did, with a well loved (not by me but someone else) book, on Australian gardening.


Perfect. I love recycling and I love the look of reused books and book pages on various objects and craft ideas, it doesn’t matter what they are about as long as the paper is strong enough to be handled and glued. Stick around and see what else you can do with old book pages.


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