Beach side living

I live within a few minutes walk and drive to some of Australia’s most stunning beaches on the NSW coast, so naturally I love all things beach and ocean related. Sand, surf and sun is very much a part of my life, so with that in mind I like to include beach decor into my interior design style…

However I’m not one for excessive or themed homes/rooms, I like small touches that remind me that summer is just around the corner and its time to get back in the water!

Using colour and ocean tones does this, worn and whitewashed furniture pieces show the weathering of the ocean, I enjoy a mix of modern and classic Australian beach home (those beautiful old weatherboard homes can be done in any style you like). I think the most beautiful part of beach homes are the use of natural materials (which I adore) wood, stone and bringing the outside in, sand, corals, grass, plant life and shells.

The use of huge floor to ceiling windows lets you enjoy the view and the use of the colour white encourages space and sunshine. Its all just beautiful!


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