A little about me…

Hi, my name is Alissa. I am an aspiring designer, in the fields of event planning/styling as well as interior design.

this is me

My Interior design style is relaxed and simple, I love using neutral colours as a basis and natural elements such as wood and stone. I would have to say I have a very eclectic style, as I like design elements from both old and new, I love finding a new life for old furniture and objects. Most of all, I love when a home feels warm and inviting, with splashes of colour mixed in for good measure. I believe these are what make a home personal, more you.

I love, love, love organising and planning, decorating and cooking and most of all hosting parties and events. I like the freedom that comes with styling an event, it can be as casual and simple as you like or as crazy and colourful as you dream. These are the days that hold fast in your memories and I believe in making every celebration no matter how big or small, a day not to forget.

As you may gather from my little blog, I love all things ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the story and imagery have inspired me to pursue my day dreams.

So join me for a while, why not brew a pot of tea, as it’s always tea time here!



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